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Project Overview

High Chemical is the industry leader in top-notch, yet budget-friendly automotive maintenance solutions. Located in Arlington, Texas – High Chemical has a full range of items for daily wear and tear on your vehicle including additives to enhance fuel efficiency; air & fuel system kits to keep it running smoothly; degreaser that takes engine cleanliness up a notch; and tire sealants so you can hit the road worry free!

For over 100 years, this company has been helping professionals and car enthusiasts keep their vehicles running smoothly. From mechanics to chemical buyers, they’ve expanded their reach far-and-wide in order provide the automotive support people need – no matter where they are or what make/model of vehicle they drive.

The client trusted Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency with their digital marketing needs in 2022, and they’ve been thrilled ever since. As a result of the partnership, 71 tracked search terms have secured first-page rankings on Google while also increasing lead conversion rates from 12 to an impressive amount On average, each month brings in 43 conversions with remarkable consistency

The Results

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Twitter Sessions
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Paid Ads Click-Through Rate
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Organic Conversions
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Organic Traffic

The Highlights

Working with Rankiz has been a huge boon for the company, even during Covid-19. Over four years they saw an impressive 733% increase in organic traffic – from 8,016 sessions to 83,299! 2022 was particularly incredible as we achieved 7 consecutive months of record-breaking monthly viewership.

Total Traffic Year-Over-Year

PPC Results shows Total Traffic Year-Over-Year

Our holistic digital marketing strategy has also generated the following results year-over-year (YoY):

pay per click campaign result YOY

The pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have resulted in:

  • Impressions: +1,321,571
  • Clicks: +143%
  • Click-through Rate (CTR): +271%
  • Average Cost per Click (CPC): -53%

Rankiz’s social media marketing efforts have driven:

  • Bounce Rate: -13.4%
  • Instagram Stories Sessions: +133%
  • Facebook Sessions: +128%
  • New Facebook Users: +165%
  • Twitter Sessions: +654%
  • New Twitter Users: +530%
  • YouTube Sessions: +141%
  • New Instagram Users: +130%

Our social media optimization efforts have paid off; the client’s website blog has become a driving force of traffic to their page, making it one of our most successful marketing initiatives.

Executing the Strategy


The client joined forces with Rankiz, ready to discover the power of digital marketing. While traditional advertising tactics such as radio spots and in-stadium billboards had been employed before, online efforts were completely unexplored territory. We conducted a thorough CRO audit that uncovered several prominent issues on their website – ones which we worked tirelessly to address for optimal performance!

Through a comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) audit, we identified the following major issues with the client’s website:

  • Technical issues, such as non-optimized page titles, broken images, duplicate content, missing meta description tags and internal links pointing to non-existing pages, were affecting the page load.
  • Google Page Speed Insights score in both mobile (13/100) and desktop (50/100) were extremely low.
    Social media icons were not properly visible on all devices.
  • The website was responsive, but not all elements were easily navigable, causing issues for some mobile users.
  • Some product pages lacked content.
  • Homepage design was slightly cluttered and disorganized, with some images pulling focus away from the website’s unique selling points (USPs).
  • Website visitors engaged with the homepage in several different places, with 11.6 percent using the search bar and 23.5 percent being desktop users whose primary click point was the product sliders in the footer.

To keep up with changing times, the company reached out for assistance in captivating a younger audience through social media marketing and boosting their online visibility.


To increase their customer’s brand recognition and website performance, Rankiz’ specialists crafted a comprehensive digital marketing plan that included optimization of the interface, SEO tactics to improve search rankings, targeted pay-per-click campaigns for short-term success, and organic social media strategies for long-lasting benefits.

Web Design and Development

Rankiz’s team of web design ninjas unveiled 6 impressive mockups to unleash the online potential for their client. With these designs, they were able to offer a variety of options and improve the functionality and look of their platform!

Once the new web design was approved, we set up the following site functionalities:

    • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol
    • Photo gallery
    • Online forms
    • Advanced search results
    • Blog page
    • Predictive search
    • Full checkout functionality for products offered
    • Product sliders to feature certain products
    • Google Translate functionality
    • Unique product category pages

Our web development team went the extra mile to ensure a stellar user experience – running thorough quality assurance and cross-browser/platform tests to guarantee everything on our site was running optimally.

Search Engine Optimization

Armed with an arsenal of comprehensive analysis, we launched a focused SEO strategy to supercharge our digital presence. Our plan included backlink profile optimization for improved site performance, speeding up the loading times necessary for visibility in SERPs and ensuring technical correctness through regular metadata reviews. Additionally, leveraging Google Analytics data allowed us to refine our approach further and make informed decisions about where best to focus on:


    • Building up the client’s profile with quality backlinks
    • Expanding onsite content
    • Improving page speed
    • Optimizing images, alt text, schema and other technical SEO elements
    • Building local business citations
    • Updating outdated or incorrect listings to ensure consistency

To get our strategy off the ground, we chose specific keywords with a good balance of search volume and competition. Our selection ranged from “carburetor cleaner” “fuel additive,” “fuel stabilizer” to “brake cleaner” giving us an immediate bump in website visits and conversions. To keep up momentum, we expanded our content coverage by including more popular competitive phrases as well.

Rankiz’s SEO team also maximized outreach for additional guest blogging opportunities.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our PPC team worked their magic to give the company a major boost online. After examining what our client had to offer, we identified key words that would put them in front of their target audience and pinpointed additional opportunities for immediate success.

Rankiz’s PPC strategy honed in on:

    • Addressing keyword conflicts
    • Optimizing bidding strategies and targeting systems
    • Verifying conversion tracking for form entries in addition to calls received from the ad campaigns
    • Building an audience to remarket to

The mission was to craft an effective Google ad campaign that guided the perfect audience towards our client’s website, increasing impressions and online presence. On a regular basis we examined data, constructed captivating ads and landing pages as well as updated keyword lists and strategies for continual raises in impressions/traffic flow.

Social Media Marketing

Rankiz’s dynamic social media marketing strategy helped the client build a meaningful connection with their audience. By targeting key user segments and delivering tailored content, Rankiz was able to bring the brand closer than ever before – elevating engagement and maximizing ROI.

Our social media marketing campaign involved:

    • Refining the audience targeting strategy
    • Choosing monthly/time-based themes to track the success of specific campaigns throughout the month
    • Leveraging brand partnerships and industry influencer outreach
    • Interacting on social media with other brands
    • Leveraging positive consumer product reviews on social media

Our success depends on us looking ahead and getting a jumpstart on the latest industry trends. We need to craft an effective social media strategy that will keep our brand competitive and attract new customers.


We proactively optimize our keyword research and mapping processes to future-proof success for our digital marketing partners. Our aim is guaranteeing sustained, lucrative results through adapting swiftly to any algorithm updates.

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