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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Project Overview

Launched in 1997, Aulterra has been bringing balance to households and offices across Europe with their frequency therapy devices. Combatting the adverse effects of Aulterra from WiFi networks, cell phones and wearables, they’ve created technology that helps harmonize electromagnetic fields for improved health and wellness.

With the aim of broadening its reach in the US market, this company hired Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency to spearhead its social media marketing campaigns. Our agency was quick to initiate organic and PPC ad strategies as well as paid social advertisements with a view toward increasing brand recognition, website traffic & conversions.

Our partnership has been a success! In March 2021, the client saw an incredible surge in organic reach and site visits due to our efforts. Their U.S.-based followership skyrocketed by 37K with Facebook referrals creating another 87K+ additional hits on their website – absolutely smashing previously set goals.

The Results

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The Highlights

Rankiz has worked wonders for our premium brand, catapulting us to a level of online exposure that can only be dreamed of. In under 19 months on the world’s biggest social media channel (Facebook), we’ve achieved 6+ million organic impressions and over 79k clicks – paving the way for an unprecedented YOY growth in website traffic!

results driven amazon marketing strategy

Through strategic ad targeting, our social team also capitalized on the client’s rising popularity in the U.S. market to produce profitable yields.

Executing The Strategy


After having solidified its presence across Europe, AULTERRA was ready to take their upscale products stateside. However, the task of successfully introducing these quality items to an American audience proved daunting – until Rankiz stepped in! With knowledge and expertise on how best to reach U.S.-based consumers’ interests through marketing strategies tailored for both local calendar- and cultural references, Rankiz provided a distinct competitive advantage that allowed Aulterra superior merchandise from overseas introduce itself here with success.

The brand previously failed to capitalize on its paid social media ads, which stemmed from their lack of customization for the most profitable online channels. Failing to personalize campaigns and advertising strategies can be a costly mistake!

To truly ignite conversions, companies must treat their advertising campaigns as the fuel to drive website traffic and pair it with an organic social media engine fuelled by strategic digital marketing. This comprehensive method provides a sure-fire way of connecting and establishing trust between businesses and target audiences in those places where they want to be most.


Rankiz provided an invaluable service to their client – combining advanced social media marketing with Amazon’s powerful platform and PPC initiatives. Our team of strategists expertly identified branding opportunities, pinpointed competitor weaknesses, and created core metrics to maximize conversions while increasing exposure for the brand. The result? An improved outlook on sales success!

Social Media Marketing

Rankiz social media marketing experts positioned the brand in front of audience segments that would be interested in and most likely to use its products.

We deployed the following organic and paid tactics to accomplish its marketing and branding objectives:

      • Defined target groups to maximize each platform strategically
      • Developed a consistent brand voice
      • Established the client as a trusted source on AULTERRA and environment harmonization information
      • Provided engaging, value-adding organic content (branded and curated)
        – Explain the science behind the products through infographics, improving credibility when competitors ran smear campaigns
        – Engage users through U.S. holiday sales and giveaways/contests
      • Boosted high-performing organic posts
      • Implemented paid advertising campaigns focused on follower growth, brand awareness and website traffic (conversions)

Our team of strategists employed a comprehensive analysis process to pinpoint customer engagement goals and measure the success rate. They identified several metrics in terms of followers and reach, allowing them to make informed decisions about the ongoing campaigns – all part of their dedication for optimizing conversion rates through social media.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In order to cultivate a strong brand presence, drive deep customer engagement and improve conversions, we established Google Ads campaigns across various properties including Search, Partners, Display and Remarketing. This strategic approach enabled our client to capitalize on the immense power of search engine placement for maximum impact.

Our PPC services also included:

      • Full account audit
      • Keyword research and strategy
      • Landing page review and recommendations
      • Quick-win opportunity mapping, bidding strategies and incorrect targeting
      • Campaign monitoring and fine-tuning

We knew that capturing the attention of high-intent search engine users was critical for increasing impressions and clicks, so we crafted ad copy and visuals to capture their interest. To maximize conversions after each click, our team built customized landing pages tailored to drive engagement.

Amazon Marketing

Our experts gave the client a competitive advantage on Amazon, upgrading their Product Detail Pages and introducing strategically-targeted Sponsored Ads and Brands.

The client’s Amazon marketing game plan involved:

      • Optimizing PDPs to allow the company to run Amazon ads
      • Adding infographics to call out the benefits of each product
      • Optimizing product listings for search ranking optimization

Our strategy was limited due a lack of Amazon Brand Registry, so we channelled our efforts into specialized ad campaigns. We worked hard to ensure that these initiatives enabled us to reach our goals despite the setbacks!

      • Deploying automatic and manual ad campaigns
      • Creating branded and misspelled keywords campaigns

To boost the brand’s SKUs and drive sales, we initiated important Amazon Marketplace strategies that improved visibility, increased product engagement and resulted in greater revenue.

Aulterra presence in the U.S. is soaring – and that means exciting new opportunities lie ahead! We’re focused on using multiple channels to build out its brand value, while also exploring innovative strategies like influencer marketing for even further expansion down the road.

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