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Project Overview

Through the power of Rankiz, Basic Fun saw their total units sold skyrocket from 400 in December to a whopping 1,600 by next February! On average they now move an incredible number of products—1,300-1,900 per month.

Our Amazon marketing approach was a remarkable success, amplifying our sales volume by an impressive 370.43 percent and unit conversions to the tune of 482 percent! What’s more – we managed to reduce ACoS costs by 43 percent for added profitability.

Additionally, our SEO campaign generated the following results:

• Site Traffic: +46.74%
• New Users: +57.88%
• Organic (SEO) Traffic: +25.35%
• Organic New Users: +37.11%
• Organic Revenue: +53.65%
• Organic Transactions: +62.52%

As the holidays approached, Basic Fun ramped up their advertising efforts to capitalize on sales opportunities. Utilizing Rankiz’s expertise in paid social media campaigns, they achieved unprecedented success and made this holiday season one for the record books!

  • Purchases: +185.7%
  • Total Traffic: +35.11%
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 7.63
  • Reach: +160%
  • Adds to Cart: +153.3%
  • Initiate Checkout: +171%
  • Purchase Conversion Value: +138.2%
  • Impressions: +293%
  • Clicks: +161.1%

By leveraging Rankiz’ online marketing services, Basic Fun skyrocketed their transaction rate by an impressive 63.81%. Not only did total revenue soar 73.35%, but the average session time increased 10.55% and there was a 6.73% increase in views per session! This rapid turn-around has prepared them for even greater success down the road – something to look forward to!

Basic Fun is a unique toy company in the United States, bringing nostalgia to life with their one-of-a-kind view master toys. They combine modern technology and traditional customizing processes to create customized keepsakes for customers using photos of their choice. With an easy online shopping experience, these timeless classics are sure to bring joy!

The client was seeking a way to make their retro toy line stand out in the competitive online marketplace. With Rankiz’s partnership, they implemented an Amazon marketing strategy that included organic and paid ad campaigns alongside email outreach initiatives – all with one goal: building visibility and increasing sales. Two months later, thanks to this tactic, the company witnessed staggering growth of over 368%!

Executing The Strategy For Basic Fun


Rankiz helped Basic Fun reinvent their business operations with customized Amazon marketing campaigns. Before the partnership, sales were stagnant at a mere 335-364 unit sale per month; however, after implementing Rankiz’s strategies and solutions for optimization of advertising strategy on Amazon marketplace, results skyrocketed far beyond expectation!

Rankiz had one priority in mind: boosting the client’s daily activity. To make this happen, our eCommerce strategy involved fine-tuning the Amazon product pages with carefully chosen keywords that promised maximum results.

Despite the economic downturn, our team of social media experts met the challenging task of generating higher purchases during 2020’s holiday season. Though some creative marketing efforts were ineffective due to external conditions, they persevered with strategies tailored for a unique COVID-driven market – managing extended shipping times and ensuring that sales goals were achieved.


Rankiz digital marketing specialists kick-started the Amazon optimization process with a comprehensive audit of the client account, delving deep into business operations and analysing competition. With an informed perspective on their place in the market, our team was able to provide clear direction for strategic advertising initiatives – helping them get ahead step by step.

To ensure the company’s eCommerce marketing strategy is on track, we have set key performance indicators (KPIs) for the campaign. These include:

  • Ad conversions
  • Review velocity
  • Full-price sales volume
  • Ad conversions
  • Organic rankings
  • Click-through rates (CTRs)
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Contact Us form submissions

Rankiz completely overhauled the client’s Amazon page, from product titles and keywords to images; no detail was left uncovered. Our meticulous work ensured each listing had professional appeal with engaging content geared towards aiding customers in their buying decisions. This successful effort drastically improved shoppers’ online experience!

To maximize the client’s success, our team crafted an ideal blend of automatic and manual pay-per-click campaigns. To further entice customers along their buying journey, special offers such as coupons and BOGO deals were strategically rolled out to generate leads and drive sales growth.

We implemented an SEO strategy for the client to help them develop a powerful digital presence and generate new leads and conversions. This enabled their business growth in the ever-evolving online marketplace.

Social Media Advertising Highlight

Our creative social media strategy allowed us to boost profitability while also increasing purchases. By launching our holiday-inspired campaigns as early as December 2020, we provided customers with plenty of time to order and receive their products before the festive season began – navigating any extended shipping times along the way!

Leveraging our social media expertise, we took a chance on targeting an “holiday and related interest” audience for the holiday-related campaigns. This gamble paid off as it drove 73 percent of sales! Clean up was key to increasing ad reach, impressions, traffic and conversions – so this strategy is something worth considering when running future promotions.

Rankiz social media team also optimized for top-performing creatives, messaging and audience segments to boost the unit sales.

Basic Funwas able to maximize both ad delivery and profitability when they scaled their budget by 12-17 percent as soon as their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) hit the impressive mark of six or higher. With this decision, purchases were significantly increased while saturating audiences – all resulting in an effective ROAS that gifted a healthy return for Client Name.

Email Marketing Project Overview

After the incredible success of their Amazon campaign, Rankiz and the client celebrated an extended partnership to revitalize email marketing efforts. The strategy had become stagnant over its five-year duration without any modifications – a challenge that was answered with innovative automation workflows from Rankiz.

Rankiz’ email management efforts have really paid off! Last year saw an impressive 146,794 emails delivered and 67,359 total openings. This resulted in 129 conversions and a substantial increase in revenue from the previous year. It is clear that Rankiz’ work has been invaluable to their success – proving once again how powerful effective communication can be!

April-June 2020:

amazon marketing strategy results

April-June 2020:

2nd year amazon marketing strategy results

To ensure the best possible email marketing approach for our client, Rankiz began by thoroughly auditing their accounts and analysing both market competitors and industry trends. With this insightful data in hand, we could confidently move forward with a strategy designed to drive optimal results.

Rankiz crafted a special Father’s Day campaign that breathed new life into an outdated email system. After evaluating the client’s previous designs, they created a custom content template to match their unique branding and address common issues such as images not loading or ineffective visuals. This offered increased flexibility for future emails while still upholding brand identity standards!

After a successful one-time campaign, the client enlisted Rankiz to take over their ongoing email marketing. To tie everything together and ensure continuity in branding, we gave the client’s automated emails a makeover. We transformed them into vibrant reflections of their fun and retro vibe!

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