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The Results

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Project Overview

Through integrated Amazon advertising and SEO campaigns For M AUDIO, was able to increase the client’s average sales volume from 14,548 total units ordered in December 2020 to 18,031 total units sold in February 2021. Notably, we were able to get underperforming products moving on the sales funnel, which historically did not produce any sales.

After an intensive two months of Amazon advertising, our team was delighted to find a surge in sales volume at 27%, as well as a 25% spike in total units ordered and 23% more pageviews on product listings. To top it off, we were able to drastically lower the client’s cost of sale by 43%. It is safe to say that this campaign has been successful!

Rankiz’s SEO campaign has also helped the M AUDIO achieve the following results:

• New Email Users: +20.9%
• “Deal of the Day” Landing Page Sessions: +97.77%
• Add-to-Cart Conversion Rate: +19.55%
• Speaker Cabinet Landing Page Sessions: +51.53%

Rankiz’s digital marketing solutions proved to be a major success, bringing monthly organic sessions 7 percent above previous months with an average of 25,979 and 113 organically placed orders. We have implemented effective optimization methods and targeted advertising strategies ensuring M-AUDIO Audio will continue gathering momentum for years to come.

M-AUDIO is a one-stop shop for all musical needs. Based out of Memphis, Tenn., the company strives to provide top quality audio equipment and pro systems at unbeatable prices – so that each musician has the opportunity to bring their best sound forward! Whether you need speaker cabinets or something more complex like music production gear, M-AUDIO provides an amazing buying experience with its selection of unique products tailored perfectly for your creative endeavours.

The client and digital Marketing Agency were determined to increase their sales volume, so they decided on a two-month Amazon advertising campaign. Miraculously, after only two months of the advertisements running their way across paid platforms—sure enough! —sales for pricier products ($282+) rose by 27%, instantly boosting the client’s success rate and profitability

Executing The Strategy


M-AUDIO had a successful Amazon marketing strategy in place, but wanted to take it up a notch. To do so, they partnered with to supercharge their performance – aiming for increased order volume and better metrics like daily sessions and page views. With ‘s help, the client quickly achieved success – making 16k monthly sales before even reaching out to Rankiz!


Our Amazon marketing squad dug deep to uncover the most strategic campaign direction for our client. Through comprehensive audits and analyses, we determined which keywords would optimize each product listing – giving them a competitive edge in their industry!

In record time, our team of online marketing experts successfully completed a massive overhaul on over 2,033 products to make them more appealing and engaging for customers. We also launched targeted advertising campaigns that included special discounts like coupons- all in the hopes of turning visitors into satisfied shoppers!

We took a comprehensive approach to our marketing strategy, including activities such as branding, product relationships & pricing optimization. SEO then became the focal point – by conducting extensive research into keywords and optimizing on-page/off-page content we were able to dramatically increase leads while boosting organic rankings in search engines. To bolster this campaign further we also incorporated guest blogging and syndicated content distribution.

The client’s marketing success was gauged based on the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

• sales volume
• Ad conversions
• Click-through rates (CTRs)
• Cost-per-click (CPC)
• Website conversions
• Organic traffic
• Organic rankings

RANKz ignited a PPC marketing campaign in pursuit of further revenue, diving into the depths of Google Ads Search Partners & remarketing. To stay ahead, we scoured negative keywords & crafted new ad content and landing pages while tweaking bid strategies to keep up with market changes for possible service expansion.

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