4 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins You Need to Know

Do you want to revamp your real estate website to give it a perfect customer-centric touch? Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins that can boost your site’s performance? Your search ends here!

WordPress Plugin For Real Estate

Working with a conventional approach in the real estate industry is no more an option. When everything is at the fingertips of your target audience, you need to think of ways that can actually help you bring closer to them. Building a real estate website on WordPress eradicates this gap with its powerful tools. And it is what this particular blog is all about.
Our WordPress Web Developers in Dubai have narrowed down some of the best WordPress plugins for your real estate website.
So, without further ado, let’s find out what these plugins have to offer.


If there was a king of all real estate plugins, it would be Estatik because of its wide range of features. From the listing, multilingual support, and responsive layout to integration with social platforms, you get this all in a single plugin.


Estatik Logo

Why Estatik?

  • You just have to pay a one-time fee. And then you can transform any WordPress site into a full-fledged real estate hub.
  • It has an amazing map view, so you don’t need to add a separate map plugin.
  • You can integrate it with PayPal to accept subscriptions for clients who want to add listings on a consistent basis.
Why to use Estatik Plugin?

Real Estate Pro

This plugin is highly recommended for several reasons. One feature that distinguishes Real Estate Pro from others is it is one of those plugins where settings, pages, and templates are all configured right after installation.

If you have been doing that lately, please avoid it from now.

Why Real Estate Pro

  • It is compatible and can be integrated with MailChimp. So, you can easily create and manage a database of your customers.
  • Feel free to use Visual Composer with this plugin.
  • It translates into 13 different languages

In case of any confusion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our WordPress web developers in Dubai for guidance.


Real Estate Pro Plugin Uses

IMPress Listings

If you are not willing to buy a paid plugin at this time, IMPress Listings is for you. It includes a complete listing management system, an MLS integration, and status tags for all of your listings.

IMPress Listings

Why IMPress Listings?

  • You can connect it with MLS
  • It’s absolutely free
  • It comes with a featured listing widget
IMPress Listings plugins Uses

WP Amortization Calculator

If you have not included calculator tools with your theme, you won’t find any plugin better than WP Amortization Calculator. As the name suggests, you already guessed what this plugin is all about.

wp meta plugin logo

Why WP Amortization Calculator?

  • It is more than a calculator
  • View the type of loan that each customer is interested in
  • You can integrate it with Visual Composer
Why WP Amortization Calculator?
Hassaan Naeem

Hassaan Naeem

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Wrapping It Up:

Today, if you are not fulfilling the demands of your customers, you are standing nowhere. Therefore, make use of these plugins and take your WordPress real estate website to the next level. Remember, our WordPress web design services are just a call away to transform your dreams into reality.

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