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Social Media Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency was chosen to revolutionize the paid advertising efforts of a renowned NEO JEWELLERY service in America. The challenge? Boosting monthly sales while cutting their cost per acquisition from its current $3.73 rate!

Our social media advertising team’s creative flair was on full display in the first month of our partnership with a 67.6 percent increase in purchase actions and 4.7 percent decrease CPA – demonstrating impressive success! The strategy also opened up new markets, driving purchases to Canada and the U.K., leading to even more growth MoM.

Client brought us an interesting challenge a higher competitive landscape, seasonal fluctuations, and generally-increasing costs on advertising platforms. So we had to think outside of the usual targets that would bring success – but with caution so as not to drive up CPAs along the way. With agility and attentiveness in our corner though, it’s paid off!

Our marketing and advertising teams have implemented creative strategies to elevate the company’s ad spend. We’ve rolled out retargeting campaigns, tested different creatives, targeted lists and fine-tuned messaging – all while achieving higher conversion rates without putting a strain on finances.

The Results

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Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Pay Per Click Marketing Results

Pay Per Click Marketing Results

The Execution

We conducted a comprehensive audit of the client’s account to pinpoint potential areas for improvement and presented solutions that would lead to increased purchases within 33, 65, and 90 days. Additionally, we crafted strategies designed with long-term success in mind.

Our paid advertising strategies involved

  • Scaling budgets and bids
  • Adding UTM parameters for better tracking within Google Analytics
  • Eliminating high rates of overlap in various campaign audience targets
  • Adding video campaign with general interest audience
  • Adding video views audience into retargeting
  • Testing various lookalike audiences, holiday interest targets and themed creatives
  • Incorporating customer testimonials on landing pages
  • Crafting more descriptive ad copy

Priorities For the Month Ahead

Rankiz is powering forward with a mission to increase the client’s presence in English-speaking markets. Soon, we’ll be aiming for 430 purchases per day – and after that comes an even bigger challenge: adjusting bids according to demographic, device and location segments in order to reduce Cost Per Acquisition!

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