case study on string instrument company

Project Overview

Since 1958, this iconic string instrument company has been a leader in the musical world. Its viola, cello, bass and violin bows are acclaimed for their quality by all levels of musicians – from hobbyists to professionals who have used them across 103 countries on renowned stages worldwide. The brand is truly an international sensation that shows no signs of slowing down!

The brand joined forces with Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency to implement an innovative social media paid advertising campaign, designed to boost recognition of the company and drive more website visitors. Since January 2021, our digital marketing agency has achieved remarkable success – over 3,100 landing page views as well as 67 purchases resulting in a total conversion value increase of $21K+.

The Results

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Purchase Conversion Value

The Highlights

In the mere span of 7 months, Rankiz managed to drive a fivefold return on ad spend for one company. Initially having an ROAS at $1.82 in July 2021, our paid social strategy was able to increase it to astonishing levels – bringing home a total value of $5.43! Every month since then has been even more successful than the last with improved campaign performance every time as we continued down this path toward success.

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During the busy holiday season, Rankiz capitalized on strategic retargeting to maximize their client’s return from digital marketing. Through innovative social media campaigns and savvy conversions techniques, they were able to achieve an impressive CPC of $70 with a remarkable purchase conversion value of almost $410!

Executing the Strategy


Despite catering to a niche market, the client still faces challenges in achieving revenue growth. Due to their limited customer demand and lack of interest-based targeting options for this industry, they must take an alternate route with longer paths that lead potential customers closer towards purchasing items. As such, small yet effective opportunities are available if these pathways can be explored further.

Prior to Rankiz’s involvement, the brand faced a difficult challenge of optimizing their niche marketing. Additionally, they lacked an effective full-funnel strategy which can be vital for sales growth and attracting long-term customers. Without such strategies in place it seemed unlikely that success would soon follow. Ignoring proper audience targeting could create a ripple effect of consequences, from missed opportunities with customers to diminished sales numbers. Without the right approach, advertising costs and labour can be squandered without seeing any results.


Rankiz crafted a comprehensive social media paid advertising plan, focused on boosting brand visibility and gathering targeted leads to bring more traffic directly to the client’s website.

Social Media Audit

Leveraging data from detailed audit reports, our paid social team executed an effective full-funnel ad strategy in order to strategically optimize the company’s presence across all its social media channels. This enabled us to drive post engagement, traffic and conversions more efficiently than ever before.

Strategy Development and Implementation

Our team of social media advertising experts ventured on a journey to find the perfect audience funnel for our client. Along their quest, they pruned away any audiences that didn’t yield suitable results until settling upon an effective strategy.

After fine-tuning our target audience, the social team set out to find which creative and ad formats were most effective. Through A/B testing they selected variations with the best response in terms of impressions, engagement rate and returns earned.

Our holiday-themed campaign saw great success with the aid of carefully optimized copy, creatives, and video assets. We tested multiple variations to discover which ones were best-suited for our niche customer base – ultimately making it easier than ever before to reach them and funnel them through the ad cycle.

Our paid social campaign gave the client a successful first-year launch during their holiday season, bolstered by excellent retargeting performance.

Rankiz is taking their social media paid advertising efforts to the next level, launching targeted test campaigns in strategic global markets with the aim of reaching new and diverse audiences.

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