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Project Overview

For years, EASY REPAIR COMPANY has been a trusted provider of solutions to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With 2,986 structures under its belt and an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to them for their needs in this area.

After engaging with Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency in 2021, a client saw amazing success. Our team was able to boost their website’s rankings for multiple targets and draw high-converting traffic each year – culminating in remarkable results! Over the years we achieved 567 top positions on mobile and desktop searches across Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, & Plano.

The Results

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The Highlights

Rankiz achieved remarkable success in its website optimization, transforming it from a mere 83 total conversions in April 2021 to an impressive 432 by December 2021. Strategically balancing the site focus between targeted cities provided them with a reliable stream of leads and increased conversion rates each month.

Our SEO efforts over the past four years have been impressively successful, with a staggering increase from 425 to 1,891 keywords reaching top 4 rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is proof of our dedication and hard work producing amazing results.

Top 5 Keywords Year-Over-Year

graphs showing results

Here’s a closer look at how our SEO strategy helped the company achieve unprecedented growth year-over-year (YoY):

YoY Performance (2021 – 2023)

yearly results

Overall, Rankiz’s SEO campaigns generated the following results:

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Organic search continues to be one of the major sources of traffic for the website, driving a 289.7 percent increase in new users and a 319.2 percent increase in total sessions YoY

Executing the Strategy


To stay ahead of the competition, we faced a challenge and took action: optimizing technical SEO to unleash this client’s true potential as a lead-generating powerhouse. By taking care of key issues affecting site performance, we prepared them for success in their highly competitive industry.

Some of the critical issues we found during our site audit included:

• Bounce rate: 45.3%
• 11 pages with redirects
• 5 pages missing a meta description
• 13 pages with titles that were either too short or too long
• 5 pages with a meta description that did not meet the word count limit
• 1 pages with a low word count (fewer than 250 words)
• Confusing calls-to-action (CTAs) throughout the website
• Lack of privacy policy on the website
• Mobile users made up about 58 percent of site traffic but had a lower conversion rate than desktop users
• Mobile visitors spent 15-25 seconds less on the website compared to desktop visitors
• 70 percent of site visitors were leaving the website before seeing the form on the homepage

Managing the client’s SEO campaign presented our team with a unique challenge, as seasonality caused lead acquisition to peak between June and November. In order to ensure success throughout the year we had to devise innovative strategies for generating leads during other months.


Rankiz had a plan to achieve successful and lasting SEO performance through determined steps. Our specialists assembled an inventory of key webpages, giving them the extra attention needed to maximize their website’s potential visitor traffic!

After honing in on the areas that needed the most improvement, we employed a keyword map to optimize our webpages and boost ranking for relevant search terms.

We successfully increased traffic within local Dallas and Arlington regions before expanding further outwards into other cities such as Grapevine, Irving, Southlake – eventually culminating in an expansive content strategy throughout all these locations.

Our on-page optimization strategy involved:

  • Fixing duplicate page titles and meta descriptions
  • Optimizing page titles that were too long or too short (no less than 50 characters, no more than 70)
  • Creating meta descriptions for pages without a description
  • Updating meta descriptions that were too long or too short
  • Optimizing H1s, heading tags, images, file names, metadata and alt texts
  • Schema optimization and technical SEO
  • Optimizing location pages for geographic relevancy
  • Local business citation optimization and listings management
  • Google My Business (GMB) optimization
  • Content buildout and expansion for location and city pages

After introducing cutting-edge business citation building strategies, the client skyrocketed in rankings both locally and across Dallas. Simultaneously, they dedicated time to improving their online reputation through reviews — an effort that paid off!

When implementing a strategic SEO and digital marketing blueprint, the client experienced soaring organic traffic and conversions. This propelled them to realize their dream of selling up shop – allowing for an exciting new chapter in life: retirement!

In order to stay ahead of the curve in this constantly-evolving landscape, we are regularly refreshing our SEO strategy. Our next step is researching how recent effects from core algorithm updates have affected the website and using that information to tailor our content marketing plan – focusing on delivering relevant blog posts with top-notch quality answers to frequently asked questions regarding basics topics. 

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