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Project Overview

This Technology company is a global powerhouse in the photonic technology industry, offering revolutionary solutions to drive automotive innovation, revolutionize medical care, ensure safety and security for all industries worldwide and explore new frontiers of defense and aerospace.

To bolster their digital marketing strategy, the client joined forces with Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency to launch powerful SEO and PPC campaigns. The goal? To skyrocket online visibility, domain authority, lead generation, and traffic throughput while pushing organic keyword rankings for product pages, not in Google’s top three results.

Our SEO team quickly and effectively boosted the client’s website to top-tier search performance. We used savvy strategies like link building, modern page templates, and competitive evaluations so that our client stays ahead in a rapidly changing market.

In only a matter of months, Rankiz has been busy boosting keyword rankings and pushing an impressive 625 search terms to the coveted first page in Google – making it easier than ever for their clients to be discovered.

From the Client

Working with Rankiz has proven to be a great decision – shortly after implementation, our search engine and web traffic surged! They’ve been diligent in exploring various metrics as well as building links and optimizing keywords. The results have been long-term successes which give us optimism for improving upon our SEO & PPC programs even more.

Executing The Strategy

The Highlights

Rankiz turbocharged the client’s digital presence through SEO, link building and PPC marketing strategies. This proactive approach enabled them to get in front of higher-value audiences that truly mattered – resulting in more clicks, impressions and ultimately conversions from high-priority products!

PPC marketing strategies growth

Within only two months of the launch of the SEO campaign, our team has driven 89 conversions. Our SEO campaign has also generated the following results month-over-month (MoM):

  • Organic Traffic: +51.53%
  • Total Traffic Sessions: +92,673
  • Pageviews: +29.00%
  • Goal Completions: +11.00%

Rankiz’s PPC campaign also delivered significant wins for the client, increasing its conversions by up to 52.11 percent.

PPC marketing strategies growth graphs

Here are the most notable paid search improvements we’ve tracked:

  • Quality Score: +3.00%
  • Traffic: +27.32%
  • Cost-per-Conversion: -32.57%
  • Ad Impressions: +19000

We’ve also seen a 3.19 percent increase in click-through rate (CTR) and 756 additional total clicks.

Executing the Strategy


The client recognized the immense value of search engine optimization and needed assistance turning it into a tangible asset that would drive traffic, generate leads, and set new standards for online performance.

Besides on-page optimization, the client also required assistance with:

  • Managing ad budget
  • Promoting highest-priority products
  • Setting up business listings across international locations
  • International targeting

The team set out to inject new life into the client’s digital reach, with a focus on delivering top-tier search engine results and monthly lead conversions for sustained success. This was done to maximize the website’s potential and bolster its overall presence in an increasingly competitive online market.


Rankiz provided a comprehensive digital marketing solution to optimize the client’s SEO, link building and PPC strategies. Our team delved into the company’s international rankings in three key countries – America, Germany and South Korea – as these were essential regions for generating leads across their respective continents. Following this discovery process we tailored our approach to build up ranking visibility within priority markets.

  • e client’s current indexation rate in Google Search Console (GSC)
  • Identifying and eliminating threats to indexation
  • Building links to pages that are on positions 6-9 of high-value, high-volume search terms
  • Continued attempts to verify Google My Business (GMB) profiles for all locations

Our PPC managers took the client’s account to a whole new level, introducing sophisticated conversion tracking measures and dynamic campaigns with Google Ads. This enabled them to monitor their campaign more closely than ever before and clearly track both macro-and micro-conversions for maximum revenues.

To maximize profits and boost web presence, Rankiz is investing in the development of international content while creating multilingual experiences that ensure both a great user experience as well as optimizing search engine optimization.

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