What Makes A Good Landing Page Experience 2023

What Makes A Good Landing Page Experience 2023

Landing pages play a major role in converting visitors to a business website to revenue generating customers. This is why you need to pay special attention to creating landing pages. It should be a standalone page, which captures the attention of customers and encourage them to take specific action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. Let’s take a look at the most important elements that create a good landing experience.

What Makes A Good Landing Page Experience

What Makes A Good Landing Page Experience | Which Attribute Describes A Good Landing Page Experience

How should landing pages be designed? This is where you need to understand the attributes that ensure a perfect landing page experience. Below mentioned are the most prominent attributes out of them.

  • Clear And Compelling Headline
    The headline is the very first thing that visitors who come to your landing page would see. Therefore, you need to include a clear and compelling headline. It is better if your headline can address the pain points of visitors.
  • Engaging And Relevant Content
    Content in your landing page should be engaging and relevant to the visitors. It should clearly describe the pain points of visitors and what the solution available to them is.
  • Strong Call To Action
    Call to Action buttons help you with converting the visitors who come to your website. Therefore, you must ensure that there are clear, prominent, and compelling call to action buttons included in your website. They should align with the expectations and needs of the visitors as well. On top of that, the call to action buttons should create a sense of scarcity or urgency to encourage immediate action. The best landing page design companies out there know how to do it.
Which attribute describes a good landing page experience

What Should A Landing Page Include?

Similar to the design, content you include within the landing page can also contribute a lot towards its success. Here’s what your landing page should include:

  • Headline
    There should be a strong, clear, and compelling headline on your landing page. It is the very first thing that your visitors should see.
  • Sub-headline
    You can also have a sub headline that supports the headline and provide additional information related to your offering.
  • Hero image or video
    This is the most prominent visual element, which will capture the attention of your visitors. It should be in a position to reinforce the value proposition associated with the service or product you offer.
  • Benefits
    You must clearly list all the benefits that your offering can provide to the visitors. It is better to include the benefits in bullet form, so that visitors can easily go through them.
  • Social proof

    Social proof can help you to convert visitors with ease. This is why you need to have a section on your landing page to include social proof. It can be in the form of customer testimonials, case studies, or any other form of evidence.

What Should A Landing Page Include

What Is A Lead Generation Landing Page

A lead generation landing page is a web page, which is designed to capture contact information of potential customers who show an interest to do business. It is one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing campaign. You can use a lead generation landing page in order to promote a specific product, a service, encourage sign-ups for a newsletter, or deliver a free trial. The good landing page design companies are aware of the importance of it, and they make sure that businesses get the most out of their lead generation landing pages.

The main objective of a lead generation landing page should be to encourage visitors to take specific action. It can be to fill out a contact form and provide their email addresses in exchange for something that offers value to them. It can be a whitepaper or an eBook. After a visitor takes action, you can convert that individual into a lead. Then you will be able to add the lead to the company customer database, where you can continue to nurture with the future marketing and sales efforts.

What Is A Lead Generation Landing Page

What Information Should Be On The Landing Page?

Apart from the elements mentioned above, there should be a little other information that your landing page should offer. Take a look at these and build your landing page content structure accordingly. Then you can make sure that you are not missing out on anything.

  • Relevant and persuasive copy
    The copy should be compelling, concise, and focused on the benefits you offer. This will eventually tempt a visitor to take action and become a lead.
  • Eye-catching visuals
    You can fill up your landing page with eye-catching visuals. They can keep the visitor engaged to take action. The visuals you include should also be relevant to the offer and must reinforce the value proposition.
  • Contact information
    When you include your contact information such as a phone number and email address, you can make the visitors feel more comfortable with taking action. That’s because they know that they can reach out to you in order to address their concerns or questions.
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Final Thoughts:

Now you are aware of the important steps to follow when designing a landing page. Make sure that you get expert assistance with creating the landing page. Then you can make sure that you get the maximum returns out of your investment.

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