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Are you missing a large chunk of your audience on social media platforms? Do you want to stay ahead of your competition and evolve your brand’s social presence as a thought leader? If that is what you intend to achieve on social media, then our social media marketing agency is just the perfect fit for you.
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Dee Modern Homes set out to become one of the top providers within their local communities.Rankiz Digital Marketing Agency stepped up to the plate, determined and dedicated to helping a Dee Modern Home search its goals. Through innovative strategies that drew potential customers closer with each step of the marketing funnel, from brand recognition all the way through conversions, they crafted an ambitious campaign designed for success!

Why should Rankiz be your go-to choice for social media Marketing Services?

A clear strategy for increasing your social presence

Improve your credibility as a brand

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do. If you are not utilizing the power of social media to attract customers, you are way behind many others. And to have people applauding you on social media, you first need to improve your credibility as a brand. At Rankiz, we do this for our clients by deeply understanding their brands’ relationship with the target audience.

Attract a Targeted Audience

What is the use of hundreds and thousands of people visiting your Facebook and Instagram pages but not converting into leads? Don’t get fooled by the numbers if they don’t add value to your business. On the other hand, our social media strategy revolves around a targeted audience relevant to your business and has higher chance of transforming into leads

Increased ROI

A well-thought-out social media marketing plan is one that assures splendid results in the long run. It is not just about creating monthly content calendars, running paid campaigns without having an end goal, and sitting empty hands by the end of the month with no conversions. At Rankiz, we work differently, as our ultimate goal is to add value to the money you invest in social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing & Management Service

Digital Marketing Technology Stack

We are experts with highly innovative and cutting-edge digital technology, built exclusively around your business vision.

Our Digital Marketing Process

We develop and implement data-driven marketing strategies to increase our client’s online visibility and boost their ROI. Our team ensures that your digital profile grows in an ethical and natural way.


  • Business analysis

  • Campaign Objective

  • Preparing Proposal

  • Deciding Deliverables


  • Industry Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Selecting marketing channels

  • Strategy development

A/B Testing

  • Experimenting with ads

  • Experimenting with content

  • Testing SEO techniques

  • Analyzing audience behavior


  • Creating campaign

  • Content production

  • Strategy optimization

  • Analysis

Be where your customers are with our social media marketing services

As social media usage grows exponentially, knowing how to market on social media is essential in reaching your target demographics and creating brand awareness. Many digital marketers enter the industry without fully understanding social media marketing and its demands. That’s not us. Our social media experts know how to skyrocket your social media presence and take you where your customers are, as we believe in creating opportunities

Introducing your brand to the new definition of success

Don’t know about others, but client satisfaction is something we strive for. And to ensure the clients are delighted with our social media strategies and management, we set up regular meetings with them so that we both are on the same page. This is one of the primary reasons companies from various industries and backgrounds trust our abilities to achieve marketing goals.

Best Social Media Marketing Service company

No Surprises

Everything is run by you first. We mutually agree on social media strategy, and you can approve all deliverables according to your preferences.

Get More for Your Money

Spending all your money on a social media agency is like buying a car without gas. Therefore, we just want you to pay us for the actual cost of the service and spend any additional budget on paid advertising.

Proven Results

Our social media marketing services are proven to generate positive results for clients in various industries.

Ready to explore the untapped opportunities with our social media marketing services?

It has never been easy to be recognized as a trusted social media marketing agency in the region. But the untiring efforts of our social media experts and their unparalleled passion and experience always help us to go above and beyond for the clients. Want to know how things get done here?

  • Develop a customized social media strategy
  • Develop engaging content calendars and posts
  • Reporting and communication
  • Growth optimization and daily maintenance
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What social media platforms should I be using?


Different industries derive value from different platforms. B2B brands lean toward LinkedIn while ecommerce businesses love the massive reach of Facebook and Instagram. 
Use the social media platforms that:

  • Don’t exceed your time budget
  • House your core audience 
  • Are compatible with the content you want to share
  • results that worth the effort. 


What's the difference between an ad and a post on social?


A post is content you share on social media for your followers to see organically. An ad is a paid post to target an audience outside of your followers based on demographics and interests. Because most social media algorithms limit the number of followers who see your business' content organically, we recommend promoting important or relevant posts to guarantee more people will see them.


How often should I post?


On most platforms, it’s best to post at least twice a week, but some social media outlets are an exception. Twitter and Pinterest can be more frequent if your team has the time and the content to post. At Blue Compass, we post on Twitter daily, whether it’s socializing a blog, office event or relevant curated content. Another great way to stay top-of-mind is utilizing Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Stories. Stories only last 24 hours.


How often should I post non-self promotional content?


In the world of social media, you get what you give. It’s important to share industry-related content, “real-time” photos and even user-generated content on a regular basis. At the end of the day, social media is a social network. Engaging with other brands and your social audience from a personable perspective shows people you’re more than just a brand - you’re a person just like them.


How much should I be spending on social media marketing?


It’s difficult to put an exact number on what your social media marketing budget should be, but there are some limitations in certain platforms. For example, you need to spend at least $10 each day you advertise on Facebook. We don’t put ad spend behind everything we release on social channels, but when we do, we put at least $25 behind our content. Obviously, more spend will usually get you more results.

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