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Are you looking to drive tremendous traffic to your website? Do you want someone to perform white-hat WordPress SEO to elevate your site’s ranking on Google and other search engines? The wait is over. Our WordPress SEO services are what you need to boost your site performance.

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ROI-focused white-hat WordPress SEO services to improve the conversion rate & increase sales

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For years, Easy Repair Company has been a trusted provider of solutions to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our team was able to boost their website’s rankings for multiple targets and draw high-converting traffic each year – culminating in remarkable results! Over the years we achieved 567 top positions on mobile and desktop searches across Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, & Plano.

Why Should Rankiz Be Your Go-To Choice for the Best WordPress SEO?

Quality with consistency

More Website Visitors

What is the use of a website if it doesn’t bring consistently relevant traffic? You won’t be able to get anything if you don’t have the right audience visiting your site daily. With our WordPress SEO service, you can achieve a massive influx of targeted traffic to unlock multiple growth opportunities.

Boost Calls, Leads & Conversions

Once you have the right audience coming in, now it is time to take a step further and make a roadmap to convert such people into leads. That is what we ensure for our clients. Apart from just developing an awe-inspiring WordPress website, we define a pathway for your prospects to have a fantastic experience.

Increase Sales

The more quality leads you to get, the better conversion you experience. Since we bring the right traffic to your website, it becomes easier for your WordPress website to guide your visitors and transform them into happy customers.

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SEO Technology Stack

We are experts with highly innovative and cutting-edge digital technology, built exclusively around your business vision.

Our SEO Process

We develop and implement data-driven SEO strategies to increase our website visibility and ranking. Our team ensures white hat SEO techniques to grows in an ethical and natural way.


  • Business analysis

  • Project Scope

  • Preparing Proposal

  • Deciding Deliverables


  • Industry Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Content Distribution Channels

  • Link Building Strategy

War Room

  • Social Media Profile

  • Local Listing & Citation

  • Testing SEO techniques

  • Analyzing Audience Behavior


  • Content Production

  • Content Distributing

  • Analysis

  • Strategy Optimization

100% Ethical WordPress SEO Services to Rank Your Website

Black-hat SEO can sink your website to the bottom of search results. As a result, you might get removed by Google and other search engines from their listings. Don’t let that happen. Take the right steps by allowing our WordPress SEO agency to analyze your website, make the necessary fixes, and take ethical routes to rank your site.

Attain Long-Term Growth to Your WordPress Website

When it comes to SEO, you should think of a long-term plan and incorporate every step with sheer intelligence and utmost professionalism. We guarantee that to our clients while onboarding a WordPress SEO project. We don’t work out a plan for a few months. However, we believe in formulating a strategy that keeps bringing fruitful results in the long run.

WordPress SEO Service In Call

Customized Keyword Strategy

Our SEO experts do extensive keyword research and finalize a results-driven set of keywords keeping your users’ intentions in mind.

SEO Content Mapping & Creation

The content team works diligently to produce SEO-optimized content that helps crawlers identify your site and take it to the top of the search engine ranking.

Strategic Link Building

A proper link-building strategy is created. And it gets executed regularly to build recognition and establish the authority of your website.

Start Your WordPress SEO Today

Ready to take your WordPress website to the next level? Rankiz services in WordPress SEO are your ultimate way to rank higher. We know what sort of push your WP site needs to get the acceleration. In addition to our WordPress SEO services, you will also get

  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Emergency support & site fixes
  • Updates to themes & plugins
  • Website backup & restoration
  • Site improvement suggestions
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Is WordPress good for SEO?


Yes. WordPress can be an excellent content management system for SEO when properly configured and optimized for search.


Why isn’t my site showing up on Google?


Search engines can take 4-6 weeks or more to show any newly created sites.

Make sure your site’s privacy settings are set to Public, with the option “Do not allow search engines to index my site” not selected.

Connecting your site to Google’s Search Console can help Google include your site more quickly.


How do I edit my robots.txt file?


By default, every website hosted on WordPress.com has its own robots.txt file that search engines will pick up. You have a few options if you need to add additional customizations to your robots.txt file.

You can create a custom robots.txt file and upload it to your root directory via SFTP.


Do I need to create a sitemap?


No. WordPress.com automatically generates an XML sitemap for you.


Which plugin used for WordPress SEO?


A WordPress SEO plugin can make it easier for you to configure some basic SEO settings and follow best practices.

Three of the most popular free WordPress SEO plugins are:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. All in One SEO
  3. Rank Math

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