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As a business owner, you have multiple areas to look into – all on your own. Let our Amazon account management services take care of your Amazon account, so you can focus on planning and monitoring your business growth.

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Amazon Marketing Portfolio

M-Audio case study
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M-AUDIO is a one-stop shop for all musical needs. our team of online marketing experts successfully completed a massive overhaul on over 2,033 products to make them more appealing and engaging for customers. We also launched targeted advertising campaigns that included special discounts like coupons- all in the hopes of turning visitors into satisfied shoppers!

Why Should Rankiz Be Your Go-To Choice for Amazon Account Management Services?

A new approach to brand building

Increased Sales

Remember, not all sales are profitable. However, we keep a hawk eye through proper optimization to identify where the profitable sales are coming from. And the steps that need to be taken further to improve the overall performance.

Extensive Experience

With years of experience managing Amazon accounts, we know the best practices to set a strong baseline, maximize searchability, and utilize all the marketing techniques to drive shoppers to your products.

Global Workforce

There is always a brilliant mind behind client satisfaction. We are fortunate to have those, not just in one or two regions but all across the globe, to understand your brand’s objective and cater to such requirements with diligence and perfection.

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Amazon Marketing Technology Stack

We are experts with highly innovative and cutting-edge digital technology, built exclusively around your business vision.

Our Amazon Launch Process

From the get-go, you’ll be speaking to one of our amazon experts who will be with you till the end. Our process starts with product launch strategy planning and ends at the top three ranking positions on amazon.


  • Marketplace Selection

  • Product & Category Analysis

  • Keyword Mapping

  • Lanuch Budget Approval

Pre Launch

  • Sample Approval

  • Brand Registry

  • Patent or Copyright Filling

  • Placing Order


  • Product Listing

  • Inventory Availability

  • A+Content

  • Brand Storefront


  • Keyword & Pricing Optimization

  • PPC Campaign

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Reviews Building


Whether using your Amazon account as a side job or your primary source of income, selling on this marketplace requires proper attention to detail, extensive experience, and top-level customer service. That’s where we join the party. Our Amazon account managers create customized winning strategies that help you exceed your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals. We constantly monitor your PPC campaigns and take care of any negative seller feedback you receive. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about how your Amazon account performs!

Save Time and Money and Get More Sales

There is nothing wrong with saying that selling on Amazon is intimidating and time-sensitive. If you are playing catch up with your account or not driving the sales and profits you desire, then our Amazon account management experts are here to get you through. Our Amazon brand strategists proactively optimize your product listing, produce customer-centric content, report inventory issues, and do everything to keep your account on the right track.

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Inventory Management System

We make sure that your products are never out of stock. At Rankiz, we manage your inventory in such a way that your products and brands are well-represented.

A Full-Fledge Marketing Strategy

We manage everything from implementing results-driven SEO techniques to creating data-backed PPC campaigns to accelerate your products and brands.

End-to-End Account Management

Apart from ensuring that your brand story is consistent, we protect your brand with end-to-end compliance and customer satisfaction.

Building a Brand on Amazon Takes Robust Strategy and Mindful Execution

We are not just any other virtual assistant. We are a team of certified Amazon Consulting experts with all the experience and skills to manage everything for you on Amazon. Our data-driven and ROI-centered approach ensures your Amazon accounts won’t survive but thrive. Want to know how? Let’s take a sneak peek into how we get things done.

  • Collaborate and discuss your goals
  • Create a roadmap and action plan
  • Review and analyze your product
  • Craft a marketing strategy
  • Get you the buy box
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What is Amazon Account Management & Why it Matters?



Amazon Account Management can help you further your brand online while focusing on your core business. Hiring Amazon experts like Rankiz can provide you with strategic insights to scale up your Amazon online business presence, generating more revenues.


Does Rankiz provide dedicated account manager?


Rankiz Core gives you access to a designated account manager, a trusted advisor inside Amazon who can help you scale your business, reach new customers, and increase sales. Ready to get started?


Should I Hire an Amazon Agency for my Business?


Hiring an Amazon agency is the best way to make sure your business goals are reached. Rankiz has a team of experts in various fields who can help you with anything from reaching new customers, increasing sales and decreasing costs for production time spent on marketing material - all while maximizing your ROI.


What is Sub-user Access on Amazon and How can it Help You?


Sub-users offer a way to give third party teams limited access and control over your Amazon Account in order to protect it from being compromised. This prevents any one person or team having full unrestricted permissions, thus ensuring the security of both yourself as well as other users who depend on this account for their own business' success


 How much it cost to hire amazon account manager?


Manager’s major job is to help you fill your pocket with some magical tricks.Here we are going to tell you a surprising fact that Seller Account Manager charges around 1500 to 750 dollars a month for a single service. Not to forget, a professional account manager can manage 3 to 4 different accounts single-handedly. The price primarily depends on the quality of service, duration of service, and the number of total functions the seller sets.

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