Best Keyword Management Services to Amplify Your Ad Performance

Are you struggling to find the right set of keywords for your ad campaign? Do you want a professional profile to do the hard work and give you the keywords that can skyrocket your campaign and introduce you to the ocean of opportunities? Don’t worry. Our keyword management services are what your website needs.

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Results-focused keyword management services to ensure outstanding conversions ​

Google Ads Portfolio

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Hi Chemcial

High Chemicals is the industry leader in top-notch, yet budget-friendly automotive maintenance solutions. In this Case study we’ll talk about how we managed to increase their product sales, reduce their cost per conversion (CPC), and grow their revenue month over month.

Why Should Rankiz Be Your Go-To Choice for Keyword Management Services?

Strategies that work!

Unmatched Experience

When your experience speaks louder, you don’t have to vouch for yourself. Your clients will. That is what distinguishes us from others. Our highly experienced and passionate team understands the right formula for assuring results. We always go above and beyond to exceed all your expectations.

Guaranteed Results

When we talk about performance marketing, we mean realistic figures. There is no point in running ad campaigns that don’t add value to your invested money. Therefore, our SEO specialist performs in-depth competitor analysis, identifies the loopholes, and develops a remarkable keyword strategy that promises success.

Client-First Approach

We work with a diverse portfolio of clients from small and medium size companies to large enterprises. Every client we work with has unique requirements. And it is our responsibility to understand that and work out a customized strategy to help achieve specific goals.

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Google Ads Technology Stack

We are experts with highly innovative and cutting-edge digital technology, built exclusively around your business vision.

Our Google Ads Process

We develop and implement data-driven PPC strategies to increase conversions and meet campaign objectives. Our team considers google ads policy to maintain account health.


  • Business analysis

  • Campaign Objective

  • Preparing Proposal

  • Deciding Deliverables


  • Industry Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Campaign Struture

A/B Testing

  • Experimenting with ads

  • Experimenting with content

  • Testing Demographics

  • Analyzing audience behavior


  • Creating campaign

  • Content production

  • Strategy optimization

  • Analysis

Highly Targeted Keywords for a Winning Ad Campaign

Several factors transform an ordinary Google ad campaign into a winning one. Creating a perfect keyword strategy is one of them. However, compiling the best keywords requires you to be smart in understanding the intentions and the ultimate goal you expect to achieve. With us by your side, all this becomes easy because we take the burden off your shoulders and let you focus on scaling your business.

Boost Conversions with ROI Focused Keyword Management Services

A lot of people consider keyword research an easy job. They don’t know what an SEO specialist has to do to develop an ROI-focused keyword strategy. At Rankiz, we make intelligent use of cutting-edge tools and techniques to find keywords that your customers use at each stage of their buying journey.

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Better Targeting

We aim to create search-specific ads. And for that, our SEO expert works accordingly to finalize keywords that best serve the purpose.

Higher CTR

If keyword management is done right, it smoothens the process of increasing the quality score and promises conversions like never before.

More Qualified Traffic

If you have relevant and more qualified traffic, it will be easier for you to convert such numbers into potential leads and customers.

Ready to Stay Ahead with a Robust Keyword Management Services?

Now you know the importance of having appropriate keywords for each campaign. It is time to stay ahead, take the right action at the right time, and join hands with the most trusted digital marketing agency. We will surely let you outpace your competitors in no time. Want to know our process?

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword
  • segmentation
  • Keyword action
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What is keywords management?


Keyword management is an innovative and multifaceted approach to discovering, analyzing, grouping and organizing large numbers of keywords, with the objective of prioritizing, collaborating and acting on keyword data to build and optimize your PPC and/or SEO search marketing campaign.


How Do I Organize Keywords Management for SEO?


  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Grouping and Keyword Organization
  • Keyword Action


What is Search Term Scalability?


  • Detect high buying intent keywords
  • Add them to the best fitting ad group
  • Be the first to detect search trends and bid for them
  • Cross negativization always in place


What is quality score and how can it be improved?


Quality score will become your best asset when working within your AdWords campaign. Quality score will help you reach a more qualified customer, lower your cost per click and improve your rank where your ad shows within the search result. Google takes into consideration how well your website is matched with the keywords you are bidding on. Google check if your ad content is relevant to the keywords.


Do keywords cost money?


Any given keyword can change in cost at any time. Competitive industries and industries with a high customer lifetime value tend to have the most expensive keywords. We can tell you that the average cost-per-click in Google Ads is between $1 and $2. The most expensive keywords cost at least $50 per click.

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